Anonymous: In reference to your last post, and with all due respect, what was so douchey about it? I'm a 19 year old who prefers to date older men so I didn't see anything wrong. It's just some peoples preference. Can you explain what was so bad about it? -jm


*facepalm* Well, mostly because the whole article is basically demonizing older women while coddling older men who are irresponsible and lazy.

"You’re not faced with the same requirements to make a decision about your future". This translates into- I’m really scared of commitment, I like to play X-box all day in my pajamas and have casual sex. Which would be fine but don’t make it like all older women are dying to get a ring on their finger. If a woman has waited until her 30’s or 40’s to get married, she’s probably not that worried about it, she just wants to find the person she actually wants to have a relationship with.

"The allure of younger women is that they are less judgmental….they don’t have a laundry list of what they want in a partner" translates into- I am a shitty partner so I seek out someone who has no expectations, I like to blame other women for my own inadequacy.

"You can invite [younger women] to a midnight showing of Guardians of the Galaxy without getting a skeptical look". Okay, most "older women" have fucking jobs. You are tired after 10 pm because your ass has to be up early in the morning. You can’t go to work on 4 hour sleep, you could be caring for a sick patient or have an important court case, whatever.

"Less emotional baggage". I HATE this term. It is never used to describe a man, only used derogatorily against a woman. We are all the sum of our human experiences, good and bad. If a man only wants the good, he’s an immature fuck.

"A younger woman reaffirms that I still have it going on" translates into- I don’t give a fuck about you but you look nice on my arm and I can boast to my buddies. Thanks dimepiece for wasting your youth on my sorry ass!

"Impressing a younger date is easier"- translates into I would love a woman with no expectations. Why spend my hard earned money if I don’t have to? I can take her to Applebees for the 2 for 20$. Yeah buddy! She doesn’t care if I play Xbox in my pajamas all day.

Sorry if this sounds bitchy but this whole article was a total piece of cowdung. I’m not saying all men are like this. But shame on match.com for publishing something so insipid.  

Bless this lady.

11:00pm I wouldn’t take any advice from anybody, but I would listen to him.
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She refuses to lay any other way.


before discovering lana del rey


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Ain’t life meant to be beautiful?

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lou reed, everyone
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I knew a man, Bojangles, and he’d dance for you // in worn out shoes // with silver hair, a ragged shirt and baggy pants // he could jump so high // and then he’d lightly touch done #MakePortraits

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