11:17pm I think Cee-Lo’s sexy

especially that bald head
11:11pm 10magazine:

It goes without saying that Givenchy’s artistic director Riccardo Tisci has a major thing for Americana. Beyond the setting for the brand’s pre-fall look book, which was a street full of New York’s famous brownstones, the strongest presentation of it in the whole set-up of the new collection was the smartly buttoned-up polo shirts that appeared throughout. More subtle, though, was the appearance of these black leather Chelsea boots with shiny silver buckles. They have a 1990s preppy quality about them that we’re really enjoying. The kind of thing an American boy might have worn to prom, which on a girl is unexpectedly, brilliantly cool. 
Bi Vincent Levy 

I have this crazy feeling that I’ll end up not doing a super intense scientific job that I am trained to go into now. I wish that society would stop looking down certain careers, women in general, and especially women who pursue certain careers. Life to me works like a polarizing field; the more you push yourself one way, the more life and serendipity and fate will gently pull you back to the way you ought to be. 

I don’t think I can stand anyone who doesn’t try to live a beautiful life — and I don’t mean a huge salary or superficial obligations, or enormous wealth. 

7:27pm wheatles-the-cat:

Wheatley is lying on my Wheatley Laboratories bag. This was meant to be.
7:26pm truthandmovies:


Looks like he’s just typing a word over and over
7:09pm backpackersguidetoearth:

Somewhere along Highway 16, Alberta, Canada
Driving back from camping, the setting sun gave amazing colour to the rain clouds on the horizon.

This is some next level Frank Ocean shit.
7:08pm "You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could’ve, would’ve happened… or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move on."
Tupac Shakur (via onlinecounsellingcollege)
Whelp. There goes yet another 4-month summer D:



Ready for UBC?

Chinese Dating Custom

A certain Buzzfeed article named “Dating Customs Around the World” had me laughing.

The Chinese dating custom:

Date 1: Guy pays for dinner while girl sends live action gossip to BFFs via Wechat.

Date 2: Guy pays for dinner while girl drags him shopping. He will foot all or most of the bill.

Somewhere down the line: Guy pays for dinner while girl drags him home to meet parents so that they may all rave or gossip about him, with subtle hinting or explicit haranguing over his income details and the affordability of a house, if they happen to like him. Will also probably comment bluntly about his ears/nose/body part and its likelihood of passing that down to their prospective offspring. 

Later down the line: Guy pays for dinner while girl goes home to meet guy’s parents, and tensions arise due to a tiger mother-in-law who has impeccable standards while parents talk about son’s abilities and potential to support a comfortable lifestyle, but will not talk about buying a house. Will also probably comment bluntly about girl’s ears/nose/body part and its likelihood of passing that down to their prospective offspring, and also a foreshadowing omen of good/bad luck and whether that will “raise up” or “bring down” the husband.

Later down the line: Both sides of the family show up for a dinner. The guy’s family pays, after an hour’s worth of pushing, wrestling with the bill, and screaming polite things at each other. Both dads get drunk and emotional and mothers confess embarrassing things about their child to each other, to try and make their child look worse, while hinting that their child is actually the best.

Later down the line: Both families attempt to invite as many people as possible during the wedding, AKA the territorial family showdown. Red-faced uncles and permed-hair aunties shove RMB at the newlyweds while everybody gets roaringly drunk and sings to ’80s KTV songs. The event will be held at a large seafood restaurant, while the girl’s mother will cry because the Chinese people think that a daughter wedded is a daughter lost to the other family.

Later down the line: All four grandparents will wrestle with each other to take care of the grandkid and to sway the child into loyalty with their family. Everybody will visit everybody all the time because there is no sense of boundaries. 

10:37pm arenainternationaluk:

Stella McCartney - Resort Collection 2014
10:37pm skelllz:

55DSL x Birkenstock Sandals

Lol I cannot rock them Birkenstocks. Will legitimately look like an Asian Dama.
Elements of fear


The carbon particles move the fastest because they’re afraid of dying.

Baverstock would love this.